Lowell Weight Management Pack

Lowell Weight Management Pack
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Introducing The Lowell Weight Management Pack

(This product is included in and is a part of The Lowell Weight Management System)

Your monthly supply of our popular Lowell Metabolic Vitamins and Neutriceuticals in one convenient pack

Each container contains 60 or one month supply of Packlets

Purpose: The Lowell Weight Management Pack provides a monthly supply of synergistic pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals, neutraceuticals, anti-oxidants, and essential lipids in 60 individually wrapped "Packlets". The "Packlet" combination developed primarily for our weight management patients is equally beneficial for adults interested in maximizing their metabolism and wellness. The use of additional Lowell Metabolic Enhancers products can be added to meet specific health concerns.

Each Packlet Includes:

  • Multi - Vitamins, Minerals, Neutraceuticals: Maximize metabolism and health of all organ systems including vasculature, heart, brain, digestive and immune system
  • Omega 3: Fat metabolism enhancement, anti-oxidant, appetite regulation, heart health, cholesterol and lipid control, brain function
  • Chromium, Citromax, Cell energizers: Fat metabolism, appetite regulation, glucose control, digestive functions
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid Alpha, Lipoic Acid: Fat cell metabolism, body composition support, muscular enhancement, anti-oxidant
  • Complete labeling on side of container


  • Economical, easy to carry and use
  • High quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Provides synergistic use of vitamins, mineral, neutraceuticals, anti-oxidants
  • Supports weight loss, wellness, anti-aging

How to Use: One Packlet in AM as part of Lowell Weight Management Plan or with Breakfast. One Packlet in PM as part of Lowell Weight Management Plan or with Dinner.